International Puppy 2013

slavepup Axel

Slavepup Axel is proud to have served as IPC's first International Puppy. He identifies as part English Bulldog, part submissive, and part butthead-mutt. This year, he has appeared live in 15 states and 2 provinces and in mass media, representing International Puppy Competition, performing  demonstrations, fundraising for new pup groups and HIV/AIDS charities, and advocating for pups in the leather and kink communities.

Following his title year, he hopes to continue helping IPC to expand and serve as a resource for pups in  person, online, and through media. S.P. Axel is handled, trained, humiliated, abused, and loved by Sir Kevin Mischka of Washington, D.C. with special thanks to Sir Matthew Schwab of Seattle for handling recent West Coast events. He lives with his husband of 15 years, Patrick, in Richmond, Virginia.

Connect with Slavepup Axel at: and through his blog at: and in November at the new

International Puppy 2014 - Puppies Unleashed

Rick "Pup Tripp" Hutchings
The kennel door has been left open, and puppies are on the loose! NOW is the time for us to explore, celebrate and join together. I call on pups of all kinds, handlers, supporters, and the curious to consider what puppy play means to us, but also what it means to our brothers and sisters in the broader leather and fetish community. So let’s all come together and show everyone the true meaning and power of PUPPY PRIDE!

Pup Tripp is a 10-year US Navy veteran hailing from Washington DC. He has been active in the DC and Mid-Atlantic area leather and fetish community since 2003. In 2008 he came out as a pup and has been actively involved in promoting the pup community ever since.  Pup Tripp is a co-founder and the current Top Dog of the Mid-Atlantic Kennel Korps as well as a lifebrother and past-president of the DC boys of Leather. Additionally, he is the president of Metro Leather Pride and a representative on the Atlantic Motorcycle Coordinating Council. Pup Tripp is regularly engaged in a number of fundraising events. On several occasions he has been recognized for his service to the community, including the DC boys’ Bryan “Pup” Mullikin Leatherboy of the Year and International Puppy’s 2012 “Good Puppy” awards as well as a being a member of Mama’s Family as “Mama’s Pup Tripp.”

International Puppy 2015 - Project Touch Base

Pup Figaro

Alpha Pup in the Wruff Pack and has been owned by his Daddy since 2008. Figaro is a Border Collie and as such can be found herding the local pups and Handlers to events. After moving from San Francisco to Vancouver Canada, he found that he very much missed the close-knit SF pup community. He got involved with SEA-PAH, founded       VAN-PAH (Vancouver Pups and Handlers).  Named for his involvement in Opera and Classical singing, Figaro enjoys meeting new pups and finding ways to strengthen the pup community. Figaro loves snickerdoodles, scritches, moshing, and sitting with his tongue out.

International Puppy 2015 Pup Figaro and Zak Pup Havok Rittenhouse have been working on a project to address some of the issues that have presented themselves in our communities. Namely the issues of suicide and loneliness/isolation. To that end they are launching Project Touch Base.

Project Touch Base

Reach Out
Touch Base

How it works:

- Choose a day of the week that works for you and make it your Touch Base day. 
- Reach Out to at least 3 people who you haven't heard from in a while.
- Reconnect with a short (or long) conversation.
- You've just participated in Project Touch Base.

Reaching out can be a quick message through text, social media, email or phone call just letting the person know you'd like to Touch Base.

In the hubbub of our daily lives connections get lost, questions go unanswered, and conversations go unfinished. Project Touch Base encourages everyone to break down the walls of loneliness that spring up in our modern world and reforge those connections.


We believe that this has the potential to save lives and also build stronger connections and networks within our greater community.

It would mean a lot to me if you would not only consider participating but also sharing this project. It will only be as effective as those of us who model it.

Thank you in advance for your support!

International Puppy 2016

Pup Incus

Pup Incus lives in Louisville, Kentucky in a home full of animals including her Master, Shane and Husband Onyx.  Pup Play in the late 90's as part of the Furry Community, and started being publicly active in the pup community in 2013.  Pup Incus is honored and proud to be serving the Pup community as the International Puppy 2016 Title Holder

International Puppy 2017
Rex Shephard

 A Chicagoland native and currently living in the greater Austin, Texas area, he has identified as puppy for at least 15 years and has participated in BDSM play for more than 25. In addition to founding and sponsoring AUS-PAH (Austin Pets and Handers), he is a full member of Discipline Corps and Austin Gears, and an associate member of both North Star Kennel Club and Chicago Hellfire Club. Rex is a strong believer that the puppy and larger kinky communities must be fully inclusive and open to all sexual orientations and gender identities. Rex encourages pups to play and be themselves honestly and openly everywhere, in a manner respectful of all, with a key principle being that puppy play and kink should be fun – and we shouldn’t be doing it if we’re not enjoying it. In addition, he has a passion for those pups in depression, suicide awareness, and PREP education. Rex is also part furry, and an avid SCUBA diver, backpacker, and mountaineer.

International Puppy 2018

International Puppy 2019