Judges for International Puppy 2019 Contest

  International Puppy 2018 - Pup Dane is originally from Nova Scotia, but now calls Montreal his home!  He had the honor of being the first Montreal Titleholder in 2016 and is the current IPC International Puppy.  Dane is a submissive pup with a love for psychological domination, dog training, and Pizza + Meryl Streep films.

Pup Dane is one of the co-organizers of WoofMTLL, Montreal's group for human K9s, where he launched annd continues to run several monthly events for his local community.  He also sits on the organizing committee for Fusion Weekend Montreal, a contest weekend comdining four local fetish titles.

Dane is hardworking artist and oral historian, dedicating significant time and energy to collecting and sharing the personal stories of queers and kinksters through his company Talking Dog Productions.

P.S. He wasn't kidding about the Pizza and Meryl Streep Films.  Please give these things to him. Please

  Diesel is The Giant British Puppy, a transatlantic huge nerd who loves cuddles, wikipedia holes and pinning down as many boys as he can possible manhandle at once. From London to San Francisco, he tries his hardest to make as many tails wag, smiles appear and puppies melt into happy puddles as he can possibly do. 

A firm believer in the importance of individual improvement as well as systemic improvement, he hopes that between openness, honesty and as many pictures as he can possibly camerwhore his way into will help people feel better about who they are and more understanding of others. 

His proudest achievements are marrying his Daddy, hearing the words 'Seeing your stuff made me feel brave enough to try pup play for myself' and founding, producing and emceeing the first puppy competition in the UK. In that order.

  Girl Complex is a self described proud, petty, black feminist, womanist and just may be a newly minted anarchist.  She went from wanting to breed soldiers for the revolution to starting one.  Crafting her ideas of blackness from rap videos, television, and the Black Panther Party. While not allowing herself to be limited by what “black” girls can be, she loves to straddle the gender divide. As International Ms. Leather 2017, her title year so far has been dedicated to making sure black girl magic can thrive in all forms, allowing both her tomboy and her femme adjacent presentations to be shown fluidly. Currently working on her next plan to take over the world, she is an avid soap hoarder and strives everyday to make sure that she is constantly honing the mess you see before you.

  Ms Iowa Leather 2017 Alexandra St.James. This Sassy Kitten is her to serve Sass and Class, Grace and Face along with a heaping helping of Brains, Beauty and Booty.

Miss Kitty as been a fixture in the Kink Community for 13 years. She dived in after serving as Empress 3,7,8 of the Windy City Empire. Where she raised money for various charitable causes. Her main focus has been HIV awareness and GLBTQ Youth Charities.

Lexi has the honor of being the first Transwoman to hold the title of Ms Iowa Leather. She is very happy to be apart of this amazing event.... Hmmm a Cat judging Dogs how purrrrrfect.

  Liliane Hunt is a performance artist and one of the world’s most recognizable faces when it comes to animal role play and avant-garde fetish performance art.   
She was born in England where a world renowned gothic cathedral and medieval buildings surrounded her as she took her first steps down the cobblestone streets. At a young age she was gifted her very first “dressing up box” full of costumes which was a universe filled with magic and endless possibilities.  She competed on the awards circuit for drama, speech, and verse while earning a degree in theater and completing additional studies at the prestigious London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts.  
Dividing her time between touring theater and teaching history. She worked in landmark locations across England teaching everything Medieval to Victorian with award winning educational programs before she was compelled to head to the bigger brighter lights of New York City and later to San Francisco where she was recognized with a Golden Globe.  Shortly after, creating her own world with her fantastical family and one of a kind theater and production company, The House of Hunt.
The Tales of Beatrix Potter have always been a source of inspiration for Liliane. The walking-talking animals dressed in Victorian attire spawned a new generation of children’s literature.  As an adult, drawing on those stories, her mission is to create incredible art inspired by these characters. She has filmed with both National Geographic and the Discovery Channel on the subject of animal role play presenting puppy play in a way that was welcoming to everyone and has since brought thousands of people and puppies from all over the world together to express their common interests.
Featured in international magazines such as Diva and Bizarre and the Folsom Forever documentary on the San Francisco Folsom Street Fair, she has brought high fashion to venues where most are nude.  Not only winning the acclaim of critics but seducing the masses to question their own fetishes.
Liliane is a fierce equal rights advocate for humans and animals using her platforms to spread awareness and give a voice to those who would otherwise not be heard.  She also enjoys reading Emily Post and teaching etiquette and manners as she feels it to be the backbone of a society. In addition to her extensive career in theater, to some she will forever be the archetypal English Mistress with fiery red hair, alabaster skin and piercing blue eyes that strip you bare of all pretension.

  Mjolnir has been active in the kink and fetish lifestyle for fifteen years now, starting on his Leather journey after moving to Cleveland seven years ago. With his passion for pup play, Mjolnir co-created The PAAC, a pup and handler group in Cleveland, as well as co-creating the Cleveland Puppy Contest, creating and co-producing Great Lake Pup and Trainer, and assisting in the production of other contests. He has a passion for education, having taught previously at Kinko de Mayo with Ohio SMART. Currently Mjolnir is the head of the House HIRT, and lives with his two puppies bjorn and gungnir. In his ‘copious’ spare time, Mjolnir can be found volunteering wherever he can for his community.

  Raidho named for the norse rune meaning "wagon" which represents travel. Pronounced, “Rhye dough”, he might have one of those names that gets butchered but Raidho views his experience in kink and puppy as a journey; with each new experience opening up an entirely new road to explore. Since joining the puppy community in 2012 he’s discovered not only the joys of deep pup space and a good bark, but also a barber fetish, flogging, fisting, electro, temperature, knife, and tactile play. Raidho has also discovered the joys of being a switch. Whether he’s being a good boy and shining your boots with his tongue or tying you to a chair and force shaving your head, good times can be had.
He’s always worked his hardest to speak up and speak out and show that community leaders aren’t only found on stage. He might be loudmouthed and barky, but has always believed that there’s room for everyone on this kinky, twisted road.

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